Mystery Mini Tentacles Revealed!

Yeah, that’s probably the weirdest headline I’ve ever written. Taken out of context, at least. Actually, the context is kind of weird, too. See, the other day I got this box in the mail. Inside it were these four tentacles. That’s it.

It took me a little while to figure out what they were and who they were from, since there wasn’t any kind of note or press release or anything like that with them. Something about those black fingers of death dredged up a memory, though — I’d seen these tentacles before! Last year, our pals at Gifted Vision announced they were starting a minis line, and sent along some images of paint masters.

Gifted Vision is behind the Dungeon Crawler card game, a cool solo game I reviewed here quite some time ago. They’ve got an expansion in the works called the Mines of Khurgan, with the obligatory Kickstarter campaign.

Anyway, back to the minis. The four tentacles you see are the entire first line, which is actually kind of cool. Start small with a weird, niche theme (they’ve got a second, non-tentacular line in development). On the face of it, you might think, “Four minis that are all just…tentacles?” But once you start to consider all the uses you’d have for these, it’s pure mad genius. Scenery, weird monsters attacking from the water, or from other dimensions. Strange magic spells, bizarre sand worms, assassin vines. It’s not like the world needed another Dwarf Fighter mini.

You can buy these online at Auggie’s Games — they run about $4 each, which seems a little pricey for a single pre-painted plastic mini, but they’re very high quality. You can optionally tack on a few bucks to get custom Heroscape stat cards for some of them, making them even more useful. Very cool.

Oh, and because I like taking pseudo-artsy photos of minis, here they are again:

3 Responses to Mystery Mini Tentacles Revealed!

  1. Those are pretty nifty, and I feel like there’s been a few times when they would have come in handy while we’d been playing. While I can’t recall a specific event that called for a tentacle (I have a very poor memory,) I’m positive they could have been used somewhere.
    I was about to ask what size they are in-game, then checked the link to the previous tentacle article. Ignoring the more perverse implications, I think it would be pretty cool to have larger tentacle minis. They could be the precursor to a battle against a giant, Cthulhu-esque beast with tentacles on it’s face.

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