Were You Looking for a Pair of Massive Omnibus Editions of War of the Spider Queen?

Take six epic fantasy novels, crush them together under immense pressure and uncountable eons (or ten years, whichever comes first), and the result is…a pair of massive tomes containing all the Drow scheming and stabbing you could ever hope to read about, all with R.A. Salvatore’s name on the front.

The War of the Spider Queen series is six different novels by six different authors detailing a trying period in the city of Menzoberranzan. These collections were just released by Wizards of the Coast, and at more than 1,000 pages per volume and a retail price of just $15.95, you’re getting a lot of epicness per dollar.

If you’re an R.A. Salvatore fan, be aware that, despite the hugeness of his name on the covers, he didn’t write any of the novels you will find within these pages. Those authors names are in extremely tiny print down at the bottom of the front cover: Richard Lee Byers, Thomas M. Reid, Richard Baker, Lisa Smedman, Philip Athans, and Paul S. Kemp. Salvatore acted as story editor, making sure all six novels did their part to convey the greater drama. I also suspect he sneaked into the other author’s homes at night and blew his magical Salvatorian dust upon their manuscripts.

(Nothing against Mr. Salvatore, I just wish WotC’s marketing wasn’t quite so bizarrely Salvatore-centric).