D&D Next Open Playtest Starts Tomorrow

A closed “friends and family” playtest of the new D&D edition has been going on for a few months. Only certain <ahem> select people and sites were allowed to participate. But now they’re throwing the gates open and letting any old riff raff try out the new rules and offer comments and suggestions. Are you any old riff raff? Then this post is for you!

The internet is probably going to detonate with excitement/nerd rage tomorrow anyway, but you can sign up for the open playtest here. They’ll email you some pdfs, then you can play the new version of D&D. Simple as that.

This is the one time that Wizards of the Coast is actually asking you to complain about D&D. If you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll never be allowed to complain on the Internet ever again.

3 Responses to D&D Next Open Playtest Starts Tomorrow

  1. I am looking forward to character creation guidelines, but my group likes what we see so far.

  2. I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Haven’t been able to get a group up and running yet. Maybe next week

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