Kobold Quarterly Conquers the World

Open Design and Kobold Quarterly are trying to conquer the world. Two worlds, really, if you count Wolfgang Baur’s Midgard and Earth. You can help and win some gaming stuff in the process — a lot of of stuff if you happen to spend some time down south. Way down south.

The Kobold World Conquest Challenge stems from an interesting parallel: the Midgard Campaign Setting will detail seven epic fantasy realms, and Earth has seven continents. To enter the contest, you just have to take a photo of your gaming group playing an Open Design adventure during July and email it to Open Design. A random group from each continent will get a PDF prize pack. All the details are at the above link.

What about the seventh continent though? Gaming on Antarctica seems worth more than a few PDFs. The Antarctica Challenge has slightly different rules (more stringent requirements of proof that you’re actually there, plus you have a whole year to accomplish it). The first gamers to game at the Mountains of Madness will get a stash of Wolfgang’s own game books, many signed by the authors.

The Summer 2012 issue of Kobold Quarterly is out as well [note: it won’t officially be available until July 8th, after PaizoCon], and it looks strong. There’s fantastic art, and even the ads are fascinating (there’s a bunch of cool gaming stuff coming out lately that I didn’t know about). This issue is more diverse than ever, with articles for Pathfinder, 4E, the AGE System and even the upcoming 13th Age system. I was unsure of this approach at first, but the issue’s editorial set me right: “There’s always something you can learn from seeing how someone else runs their game, and which rules, story elements, or GM tricks make it memorable. And hey, it’s fun to mess around with something weird on the side.”

It’s true — the material in this issue is interesting regardless of system. There’s a fair amount of system independent GM advice, and Rob Heinsoo’s escalation die from 13th Age works with any d20 system (and is a really good idea at that). There’s lots of Pathfinder stuff, of course, and some ideas on using guns in the AGE system. The magazine certainly has attained the gravity in the RPG world to attract the top writers and designers for each issue. You can subscribe here.

4 Responses to Kobold Quarterly Conquers the World

  1. Ya know, it would seem that pdf’s would be a better idea for an Antarctic base, those places are pretty tight quarters from what I’ve seen. And shipping the shipping costs to send a crate of books there would be crazy.

  2. The prize books can only be sent to a continental U.S. address. One assumes the Antarctic gamers will come home eventually (no one lives in Antarctica full-time). If they happen to be not from the U.S., I guess they’re SOL. Wolfgang can’t afford to send all those books internationally. :-)

  3. Wish I had photoshop skills, because the Antarctica one seems perfect for some laughs.

  4. I think they might get suspicious when you’re gaming with Kurt Russel and Wilford Brimley. :)

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