100 Random Injuries for Your RPG

Bad things happen to characters in RPGs, and sometimes the results of those bad things can’t be adequately expressed with a mere diminishing of hit points. If you want to inflict more specific cruelties on your characters, or want to create some unpleasant damage in someone’s backstory, this table will let you find a range of calamities, from slivers to amputations.

I’ve redesigned the table layout so they’re now in five columns of 20 entries each. That means you can roll it as a true d100 table, or choose the category you want and roll a d20.

The injuries are arranged roughly in order of severity. No mechanical effects are mentioned — that’s up to the GM and the players to decide. The catastrophic effects (inspired in part by Rolemaster’s classic critical hit tables) will cause lasting and serious harm to a character, and in many cases would lead to death shortly, without intervention. Roll on that portion of the table cautiously. Some of the magical effects could be beneficial in some situations, if the players are clever.

Thanks to Alex Perrault, MTG Color Pie, Marsheila Rockwell, and Sean D for offering some suggested injuries on Twitter.

As always, click the image below to see the full-size table, or grab the downloadable, printable PDF version.