Mage Knight Digital Game Fizzles, Emphasis Shifts to Tabletop

BREAKING NEWS — The Mage Knight digital game Kickstarter has been cancelled, but Wizkids plans a tabletop version.

Earlier this afternoon, the Kickstarter campaign for MFV’s digital Mage Knight game was cancelled. The campaign (which I was originally skeptical about) had received $16,497 in funding out of a $700,000 target.

MFV’s statement suggests that demand for a digital game was insufficient (the numbers tell the story there), but apparently there was enough excitement for the physical minis and a tabletop game that Wizkids will relaunch Mage Knight:

Our goal for this Kickstarter was to gauge community interest in the revival of Mage Knight—both in a digital as well as physical form—and with all of your input and support, the demand for physical figures and the tabletop game is apparent! With that said, we’re excited to announce that our sister company, WizKids Games, will be reintroducing the physical Mage Knight tabletop game.

No further details or timetable on the reintroduction of Mage Knight are available at this time, but you guys know I’ll be on top of it. If nothing else, I’ll have a lot to talk about with Wizkids reps at Gen Con!

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