A List of Magic: the Gathering Artists Who Will Be at Gen Con 2012

If you’re heading to Gen Con this year, you might want to head over to the artist’s area and check out some of your favorite Magic artists. Not only will they be selling cool art prints, but they’ll sign cards featuring their art for you, which makes for a pretty cool souvenir. Which artists will be there, and which cards should you bring them to be signed? This list covers all that.

This list was originally compiled because I want to get some cards signed for my Cube. The cards listed after each artist do not include every card that artist has ever done the art for. They are the cards that happen to be in my Cube or are very likely to be in most Cubes. Of course, those tend to be the most popular and notable cards in Magic, so they all make pretty good signing candidates even if you don’t own a Cube. If you’re into Commander, the artists may have painted some good Commander cards that aren’t on this list, so use the Gatherer advanced search to see if they made any other cards you might want to get signed.

While most artists will happily sign cards for free, keep in mind that they go to cons to earn a living. Consider buying a print. Alternately, many artists will go beyond a simple signing and do a cool or funny sketch on the card itself, creating a truly unique card. They typically charge around $5 for something like that — well worth it, in my opinion.

Finally, this list is based on Gen Con’s list of artists who will be in the art show. There will no doubt be other artists at the con who aren’t in the art show, but I was unable to find a list of them. If you are or know of a Magic artist who will be at Gen Con this year, fire me an email and I’ll keep this updated.




Gen Con Artists

Todd Lockwood
Azusa, Lost but Seeking
Entreat the Angels
Moonveil Dragon
Raging Ravine

Ralph Horsely
Fire-Lit Thicket

April Lee
Lotus Petal (from the vault)

Peter Mohrbacher
Bloodgift Demon
Gavony Township

Jim Pavelec

Mark Poole
Ancestral Vision
(Ancestral Recall, Library of Alexandria, if you’re rich)

Dan Scott
Ponder (M10, M12)
Skywinder Drake
Stormbound Geist
Terramorphic Expanse
Solemn Simulacrum (M12)

John Stanko
Feeling of Dread

Charles Urbach
Darkslick Shores

Susan van Camp
Jackal Pup (Tempest)
Hymn to Tourach (3 wolf moon version)

Drew Baker
Tumble Magnet
Jason Engle
Skirsdag High Priest



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  1. Do we know of any going to PAX? There’s a few prints I’d like to snag, but I won’t be at GenCon.

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