3 Responses to Ed is Not Impressed with Jace (and Neither is McKayla)

  1. Yeah, Jace is been a bit of a disappointment. I liked the mysterious blue mage thing they started with, then he had his anime hair, and ANGST BUT STILL THE SMARTEST MOST POWERFUL MIND MAGE EVER! Plus his cards are too good.

  2. Mostly I haven’t forgiven him for replacing Venser as Designated Protagonist. I thought that the Venser setup was the best part of the Future Sight novel. I don’t know if you read them, but Time Spiral was a great book, Planar Chaos was almost completely irrelevant to the plot, and future sight wasn’t as well written, but had all The Mending stuff in it which was pretty cool. I was looking forward to more Venser, though. I really want his card. Maybe I’ll get that Duel Deck.

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