My Overview of the D&D Keynote and Forgotten Realms Changes, at io9

I was able to attend the D&D keynote address at Gen Con, talk with Mike Mearls about D&D for over an hour and play some D&D Next with him as the DM, and interview brand manager Laura Tommervik about Rise of the Underdark. I’ve gathered up all that info into one feature article that just went up at Check it out!

4 Responses to My Overview of the D&D Keynote and Forgotten Realms Changes, at io9

  1. I just can’t get excited about the digital releases. Last time, they not only yanked the product off the market, they had DriveThru/RPGNow expunge it from their servers. Folks who had LEGALLY purchased PDFs lost access if they didn’t have a local backup.

    Once bitten …

  2. Yeah, I didn’t have any of the old PDFs, but the way they handled that was terrible. On the plus side, it makes me far less tempted to buy these and force my group to learn another edition of D&D.

  3. The digital releases are probably a way to have some revenue coming in during the big two-year hiatus during the playtest. It also pleases the old-school grognards that they’ll need to court to make 5e successful.

    It’s also something that doesn’t take developer resources. It takes interns, editors, art and layout people (to clean up the scans). People that don’t have as much to do during the playtest phase.

    I’m wondering how they are going to sell them and what they will do to combat piracy? DRM? Watermarks?

  4. Okay, so your article eventually linked to another article that actually tells what the Sundering is. It would have been nice not to have gone through the rigamarole. Then again, not may other people are actually talking about it.

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