Dungeon Crawler Minis an Unexpected Delight

Another package of surprise minis arrived on my doorstep last week, and what do I find inside? Some of the most useful, well-made painted plastic minis I’ve ever seen.

These minis came courtesy of Gifted Vision, purveyors of fine tentacles. There are two different sets, Town Folk and Omens. The Town Folk set includes Merchant, Seductress, Scamp and Beggar. Omens includes Raven, Giant Ant, Mastiff and Wood Coffin.

At first glance, some of these might seem a bit mundane. But think about the last city adventure you ran. Wouldn’t it have looked a lot cooler with a little kid running around with his dog? Wouldn’t the tavern brawl be a lot more fun with the barkeep throwing people out? That raven mini is absolutely perfect for a wizard’s familiar.

The coffin is possibly my favorite, if only because it opens.

These minis are made of very sturdy, yet flexible plastic. The paint jobs are really well-done. So we’ve got a quality product that fills an under-served niche in fantasy minis. You can buy them online, $10 for a set of four, or individually for $3 each.

Gifted Vision also has a Kickstarter running for their next minis set, Tidal Wave, which has a mermaid, some pirates and other aquatic beasts.