31 Days of Nightmares -- Exeter

31 Days of Nightmares — Exeter

Teens party and screw around in an abandoned insane asylum. I don’t think I can come up with a less creative setup for a horror movie.

That’s fine, though. A movie doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to be awesome. Well, Exeter isn’t quite awesome. It looks slick and it’s competently made, but it’s marred by some hilariously bad acting and a goofy plot that makes zero sense. There’s a demon and something about Wicca and some terrible events in the asylum’s past, none of which fits together in any way. It’s a total plot salad.

BUT — wow, what an insane amount of brutal violence and gore. The effects are great, including some super gory scenes that I’m honestly not sure how they were accomplished. As the teens are possessed by the demon one by one, they get killed off by the other teens in ridiculous ways. Some of them were so over the top they made me laugh out loud. Loved the effects and the gore. There were some nice creepy scenes of possessed people acting all demonic, and a handful of dumb jump scares.

Special shout out to Michael Ormsby, whose performance as the little brother reminded me of a mini-Jay (as in Jay and Silent Bob). He was pretty hilarious.

I think this could be great to watch with a group just to hear everyone roar at the more outrageous gore.