An Alternate Blade Runner Theory

An Alternate Blade Runner Theory

A lot of Blade Runner fans like to contemplate the true meaning of the movie, what the origami means, whether or not Deckard himself was a replicant, all of which changes based on which cut of the movie you’re watching. But I’ve got a different theory.

My idea is based on the classic Edward James Olmos line, “It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?” Sure, this could be Gaff just being a hardboiled cop, referring to the fact that everyone dies eventually. But Gaff is the one who’s in the know, who leaves cryptic unicorns lying around, who’s aware of who is and who isn’t a replicant. So what if he’s saying more? What if he’s referring to Roy Batty’s fate, to live a short life and stop functioning at a predetermined date.

What if he’s really saying, “We’re all replicants”?

So that’s my theory. Every character in Blade Runner is a replicant. Deckard, Batty, Gaff, Rachel, Tyrell himself. Every person on the street. Every cop. The noodle shop owner.


At some point humanity died out, but our machines kept building more machines, programming them with false memories so real the machines aren’t aware that they aren’t human. The Tyrell Corporation just keeps churning out new replicants, replacing the old ones that run out of life, fitting them into the world with fake identities and backgrounds and no one knows the difference. A few replicants become aware of their nature, which is why Blade Runners have to take them out, and even fewer learn the horrifying truth, like Gaff, but who are they going to tell?