PAX Packs Tons of Gaming Into One Tiny Weekend

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) was held recently in Seattle. Fortunately Robot Viking’s roving reporter was there to bring you all the hot scoops. I explored the gigantic expo halls for the greatest loot, fighting off rabid fans and the occasional scary cosplayer all to get the greatest intel on the coming games. Continue reading

WotC Invites You To Return To Neverwinter

WoTC’s big push at this years Gen Con was a return to Neverwinter, the venerable northern city that’s been a major crossover location for decades. Most of our readers probably remember Neverwinter Nights, the Bioware game from 2002 — but there was an even older title with the same name that AOL ran as one of the world’s first MMORPGs from 1991-1997. Continue reading

Fantasy Flight Games Finally Announces That They Have the Star Wars Game License

Speculation has been swirling for months about who bought the Star Wars gaming license from Lucasfilm. Most of the speculation, including the speculation on Robot Viking, centered on Fantasy Flight Games. Turns out the speculation was correct, as FFG made the official announcement today. Want to talk about skillful marketing? They’re creating a whole lot of buzz the week of Gen Con.

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Brushfire — Historia Rodentia Lets You Recreate the Sentient Animal Wars of the 19th Century

As schoolchildren, we all learned of the great general Moleon II and his many victories over the mice and capybaras of the Mare-Civitas city-states. Now you can relive those historic battles on your own tabletop with Brushfire, an indie miniatures game designed for both fast skirmish and deep campaign play.

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Wizkids Works with Paizo for Painted Plastic Pathfinder Minis

Fans of prepainted plastic miniatures took a hit last year when Wizards of the Coast dropped their D&D minis line, replacing it with pogs. Paizo and Wizkids are the latest to step into that void with a newly announced line of ready-to-run minis.

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Miniature of the Week — Massive Miniature Industrial Complex

This week’s MotW might make you question the veracity of the word “miniature” in this context. Courtesy of Robot Viking contributor Billy Gibbs is this insanely elaborate model of some kind of industrial structure. This is what happens when engineering students play RPGs.

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Miniature of the Week — Battlelords of the 23rd Century Both Old and New

This week’s Miniature of the Week comes from SSDC and their classic Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century sci-fi RPG. They’ve got a collection of new Battlelords minis available, plus a limited supply of original series minis.

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