Give Comics for Halloween Instead of Candy (and Comics Publishers Should Help)

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I seriously get that old Andy Williams tune, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” going in my head, but with macabre lyrics. On Halloween night, kids will be out getting their annual candy haul. I’ll be doling the sweets out too, but I also dig through my comics collection and find a few extra issues to hand out as well each year. I’d love to see this practice catch on — better yet, I’d like to see the publishers get on board.

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Brazer Bulletin: Munchkin Your Health

I’m going to step back for a minute from being a publisher and just be a fellow gamer. February of this year my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic. Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, I’ve managed to beat it and have lost about 40 pounds of weight. About a month ago, my doctor told me I am no longer pre-diabetic. We decided that she and I should maintain the same type of exercise and eating regiment to get me further away from the edge of danger, but really, I don’t expect to change this kind of lifestyle for the rest of my life. Continue reading

Dungeons: the Dark Lord, a Great Idea That Doesn’t Quite Work

Dungeons: the Dark Lord is the sequel to last year’s Dungeons, from publisher Kalypso. In many ways it’s the spiritual successor to the beloved Dungeon Keeper franchise — a game that turned the RPG trope of heroes invading dungeons upside down, putting the player in control of the dungeon and making the heroes the antagonists. Despite this strong premise, Dungeons: the Dark Lord just wasn’t that much fun to play.

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Liana K Explains How Attending Futurecon Lets You Time Travel and Fight Epilepsy

Futurecon is a strangely awesome (or awesomely strange) convention held in Toronto over New Year’s Eve — while you’re hanging out with sci-fi authors, checking out the amazing costumes, painting half-naked people, customizing action figures and counting down the New Year, you’ll also be helping in the fight against epilepsy. Canadian entertainer and renowned cosplayer Liana K stopped by to give us a guided tour of this unique event.

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Gen Con Coverage by Proxy

You may have noticed some posts this weekend from freelance writer Tim Barribeau. While Robot Viking could not attend Gen Con in person this year, Tim was covering it for, and he was awesome enough (and Annalee at io9 was awesome enough to arrange) to provide us with some direct coverage of new games and breaking news straight from the convention floor. He also takes amazing photographs. Don’t forget to follow his Twitter feed, and check out his website. Thanks Tim!

When Vikings Collide: Punter Chris Kluwe Talks Gaming, Sports Nerds and More

Chris Kluwe is the punter for the Minnesota Vikings with a penchant for pinning opponents deep in their own zone. He’s also widely known for playing World of Warcraft, and it turns out he’s a serious tabletop gamer as well. It’s relatively rare that the pro sports and gaming worlds intersect, so I thought it would be interesting to get Chris’ thoughts on gaming and sports culture, among other things — and he was kind enough to agree.

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Brief Hiatus

Hello Vikings. The site will be taking a brief hiatus this week for a bit of summertime R&R. We’ll be back next week with all manner of gaming awesomeness. Hope you’re enjoying your summer vacations!