Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact the owner of this site?

A: Send me an email.

Q: How often is Robot Viking updated?

A: I try to update every weekday, as early in the morning as possible. However, this isn’t my day job, so sometimes other work takes precedence, and Robot Viking has to go quiet for a day.

Q: Why no weekend updates?

A: You should be out playing games on weekends, not reading a website!

Q: How long has Robot Viking been around?

A: The official launch date was Jan. 14, 2009.

Q: Can I advertise on Robot Viking?

A: You certainly can. Advertising on Robot Viking is handled through the Gamerati advertising network. Head over there and they can get you set up with an ad that will reach their entire network of gaming-related sites.

Here are some interesting statistics revealed by our April, 2009 reader survey:

55% of readers visit the site one or more times every day

96% of readers are male, and 54 percent of them are between the ages of 18 and 32. More than 42 percent of readers are between the ages of 33 and 45.

More than 25 percent of readers spend $50 or more on gaming in an average month. Over 70% spend more than $20.

Q: What is the Robot Viking?

A: He is a robot built in the shape of a Viking. Or he is a Viking whose entire body has been replaced with mechanical components. No one is sure. To date, he only ever says one thing: “AXE!”

Q: When you refer to “the Vikings,” who are you talking about?

A: The Vikings are Robot Viking’s loyal readers. I call them the Vikings because typing “Robot Viking’s loyal readers” is way too bothersome.

Q: Can I write for Robot Viking?

A: Robot Viking doesn’t have the budget to pay other writers. I don’t expect anyone to work for free, so I’m not currently actively seeking additional writers. However, people regularly volunteer to write a few articles without pay, so if you really want to, just ask. I’m particularly interested in strategy guidesand reviews of new products not currently being covered on the site. Two gaps I’d like to fill: historical miniatures war games, and either of Upper Deck’s World of Warcraft games.

Q: What is crunch and fluff?

A: These are shorthand terms that refer to statistical rules information (crunch) and background story information (fluff) in an RPG. For example, the monster’s stat block in a creature catalogue is the crunch. The two pages of information on how the monster was created, where it lives and why it always attacks the spellcaster first are the fluff. Niether term is intended to be derogatory. Most gamers like a fairly even blend of crunch and fluff. You can’t really make a good gaming book that’s pure crunch (you have to have some kind of flavor), but books consisting of nothing but short stories set in a game world are pure fluff and very popular.

Q: Will you write about my game?

A: Probably – that’s why I’m here! However, I tend not to write about a game based on a press release. If you want to send a review copy (PDFs are fine for RPGs and supplements), I’d be happy to check out your game and write a review. If I like it a lot, I may end up writing more about it (house rules, strategy guides, game reports, interviews with the game’s designer, and other fun features). Send me an email if you’d like to know where to send stuff.

Board games are a slightly different case. They can be large and expensive, so I know publishers can’t afford to send free copies to every Joe Blogger on the Intertubes. If you can send a PDF of the rulebook and maybe some nice hi-res images of the board and pieces, that would give me something to work with.

Q: What’s the deal with Project: Death Race?

A: Project: Death Race is a game being designed by Robot Viking. It’s a game of automotive combat using commonly available 1/64 scale cars. What sets it apart from the gajillion other games with a similar premise is the ability to quickly and easily customize each car. Development is moving slowly (but it is moving). Like I mentioned above, this isn’t my day job, so I don’t always have a lot of time to work on the game. However, we will be posting semi-regular rules updates so that the Vikings can run their own playtests and report back with the results.

Q: What’s the connection between Robot Viking and io9.com?

A: io9.com is an uncannily cool sci-fi blog/news site. In my day job as a freelance writer, I used to write about science for them (and still do every now and then). io9’s editor, Annalee Newitz (who is uncannily cool herself) has been super supportive of Robot Viking, and posts excerpts from Robot Viking articles that are sci-fi related to io9 a few times each month. There is no formal connection, however. Robot Viking is not owned by Gawker Media, and they don’t pay me for Robot Viking. Robot Viking is an independent owner operated site.

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