Advertising Rates and Site Statistics

For more information, if you have any questions, or to purchase an ad, just email Ed Grabianowski.

Top banner – $20/month

Right side skyscraper – $20/month

Both at the same time (an advertising strategy known as bracketing, which is very effective) – $35/month

Pay for 3 months at once, get a 10% discount

Ad design – $25 flat fee (non-animated)

Note that these are static ads — that is, the ad will not rotate with any other ads. You are effectively renting that piece of ad space for the entire month, and it will be yours and yours alone.

Ads subject to approval. No excessive animation, flashing or strobing, content should not go beyond a PG-13 rating.

Ad can be updated once each week at no extra cost (to highlight a sale, a new release, an upcoming tournament, etc.).

I’m also open to sponsored contests or sponsorships for ongoing special features (for example, I’m looking for a sponsor so I can bring back the Miniature of the Week – someone who could provide a weekly prize to the reader whose miniature is selected).

Here are some screen captures showing site statistics (click for full size):

June, 2009, Google Analytics


April, 2009 through June, 2009, Google Analytics


June, 2009, StatPress (server side stat tracker)


Discrepancies are due to the different ways each tracker counts visits and pageviews. More recent stats available on request. Robot Viking has been experiencing 10 to 20 percent growth in visitors and pageviews month by month.

Here are some interesting statistics revealed by our April, 2009 reader survey:

55% of readers visit the site one or more times every day

96% of readers are male, and 54 percent of them are between the ages of 18 and 32. More than 42 percent of readers are between the ages of 33 and 45.

More than 25 percent of readers spend $50 or more on gaming in an average month. Over 70% spend more than $20.

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