A Treatise on Active Defenses in RPG Combat

Sometimes you want to do more than just stand around and let your armor take the hits in combat. Can the newest edition of D&D accommodate active defenses? 4E created an elegant mechanic that allowed active defenses to be used easily, and that’s something I don’t want to see lost. Continue reading

Critical!: Go Westerly is a Light (and Lighthearted) Fantasy RPG

If your gaming group is more interested in getting together once a week to drink beer and tell off-color jokes than going on deadly serious plane-altering missions, Critical!: Go Westerly just might be the perfect RPG for you. The GM is called the Bartender, and all characters have an AC score: Alcohol Content. Add a slim and simple 2d6 rules system and you’ve pretty much got the perfect beer & pretzels RPG.

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D&D Experience Seminars Look Ahead to the Next Edition

D&D Experience, a D&D-centric game con held in Indiana, happened this past weekend. In a series of seminars, an assortment of Wizards of the Coast creative people illuminated the future of D&D for those of us who have been eagerly hanging on every word they’ve released about the secretive project. Here’s a brief analysis.

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Which is Better, Damage Resistance or “+1 or Better To Hit”?

There’s a lot of back and forth on the question of damage resistance and the role of magic weapons in D&D. Many players are opposed to the antiquated +1 or better to hit mechanic. How can the damage rules provide an underlying mechanical skeleton that describes the physics of the game world without bogging the game down with unhittable monsters or unworkable complexity? Continue reading

Why Wizards Needs PDFs Instead of a Virtual Table

It’s been almost three years since Wizards of the Coast pulled all ebook versions of their RPG products from virtual shelves, and there’s no sign that they’re coming back. In the meantime, they’ve developed the Virtual Table, a way to play 4E D&D online. They’re heading in the wrong direction. Here’s why.

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D&D Online Links Eberron to Forgotten Realms Via Underdark

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) has been free to play for more than two years now. Rather than a death knell, the end of monthly subscriber fees in 2009 turned out to be a brilliant decision that boosted the number of users and increased profits. How well are things going for DDO? They just announced a massive new expansion that takes players to the Forgotten Realms.

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Mike Mearls Offers a Glimpse of the Next D&D Edition at Gameinformer

Since the big announcement of 5E, or D&DNext, or whatever you prefer to call it, there hasn’t been much concrete info on what the new edition would be like. Mike Mearls revealed a few interesting morsels of data in an interview at Gameinformer. What exactly will it mean to “unify” players of previous editions?

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