Citadel of Pain Filled with Warring Tribes, Horrific Secrets

Your PCs are probably really tired from their last adventure. They want some time off, a relaxing vacation where they can spend some of their gold, cash in a few unneeded magic items, enjoy the local sights and just have a pleasant time. May I humbly suggest they go somewhere other than the place known as the Citadel of Pain? This sprawling Pathfinder adventure from publisher Gaming Paper and written by Lou Agresta and Rone Barton (of Iron GM fame) is seriously, brutally insane.

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Red Jack Imports Japanese Folklore Into the Faerie Ring

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way by Zombie Sky Press is a series of campaign guides introducing the world of the fae to the Pathfinder RPG. Red Jack takes a classic trope from Japanese folklore and warps it into a fae nemesis that could vex your PCs in this life and the next.

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Playtested: Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Atomic Bombs; Ghost Pirates

At a late night event at Gen Con, I was lucky enough to playtest a couple of still unfinished titles, both of which ended up being excruciatingly fun to my sleep-addled brain. First up was Shirak Agresta’s Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Atomic Bombs. This 20-30 minute title pitted a handful of players each representing Cold War powers against one another. Continue reading

Iron GM Crowns Its First Ever Perfect Champion

Iron GM 2011 was a major hit this year, with organizer Lou Agresta running around like an orange clad lunatic as GMs were given an hour to craft a completely new five-hour adventure, using three secret ingredients. This year’s three surprises were Ogre Magi, Opera House and Oppression. Each GM was given an hour to craft the campaign, while the players rolled up their characters. Five hours later, all the players voted on their matches, and using an incredibly complex scoring system, a winner was chosen. Continue reading

Innistrad Will Bring Hammer Horror To Your Magic Deck

While at GenCon, I managed to sneak in a few minutes with WoTC’s Adam Colby to talk about where Magic is right now. While Wizard’s big push this year is Neverwinter, Magic was there in force for the Nationals, as well as a large Duels of the Planeswalkers booth. I asked Colby about the upcoming Innistrad set, a classic horror themed expansion which already has caused a lot of chatter about how it will work. Unlike, say, The Dark, Innistrad will be more like classic movie horror than the “mage-punk” style of Magic that we know and love. Continue reading

WotC Invites You To Return To Neverwinter

WoTC’s big push at this years Gen Con was a return to Neverwinter, the venerable northern city that’s been a major crossover location for decades. Most of our readers probably remember Neverwinter Nights, the Bioware game from 2002 — but there was an even older title with the same name that AOL ran as one of the world’s first MMORPGs from 1991-1997. Continue reading

Gen Con Coverage by Proxy

You may have noticed some posts this weekend from freelance writer Tim Barribeau. While Robot Viking could not attend Gen Con in person this year, Tim was covering it for, and he was awesome enough (and Annalee at io9 was awesome enough to arrange) to provide us with some direct coverage of new games and breaking news straight from the convention floor. He also takes amazing photographs. Don’t forget to follow his Twitter feed, and check out his website. Thanks Tim!

How Will the Werewolves of Innistrad Work?

It’s already been revealed that tribal mechanics will play a part in Magic’s fall set, the horror themed Innistrad. We also know that the almost completely forsaken werewolf tribe will be getting a lot more attention. Inspired by one of Bennie Smith’s columns at Starcitygames, in which he speculated how the werewolves will function mechanically, I decided to create some speculative werewolf cards and see how they shake out.

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Brazer Bulletin — Two Stars Rise as One Giant Staggers

This week saw some incredible announcements in the gaming industry. Monday, Paizo and WizKids announced they were doing pre-painted plastic minis of random heroes and monsters. Then Tuesday, Fantasy Flight finally announced they got the Star Wars license as many of us had previously guessed. Continue reading