Brazer Bulletin — A Sign of Things To Come

Earlier this week I released my first product that included Hero Lab support: Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1. If you don’t know what Hero Lab is, it’s a character building program for many of the major game systems. Pathfinder, D&D (both 3.5 and 4E), Mutants and Masterminds 2E and 3E, nWoD, Savage World and others. You can export your character to a few virtual tabletop programs like d20 Pro. Plus the guys that run it keep it up to date with program and data set updates. It’s the best commercial character program I’ve seen. Continue reading

Brazer Bulletin — Not Burning Yourself Out

As a one person publishing company, it is really easy to burn yourself out. On a typical day, any publishing company has to coordinate with contracted writers/editors/artists, keep an open eye for new talent, layout new products, promote upcoming and existing products, keep up-to-date on things like forums, blogs, competitors, and news in general, handle product distribution, etc. And that’s all before doing any writing. Continue reading

Brazer Bulletin — Two Stars Rise as One Giant Staggers

This week saw some incredible announcements in the gaming industry. Monday, Paizo and WizKids announced they were doing pre-painted plastic minis of random heroes and monsters. Then Tuesday, Fantasy Flight finally announced they got the Star Wars license as many of us had previously guessed. Continue reading

Brazer Bulletin — PaizoCon and Other Conventions

Most of my time lately has been spent getting ready for (and recovering from) PaizoCon. Without a doubt, I had more fun there than at any other con I’ve attended, and I was working the whole time. Attendees say it was even more fun for them. We played games, hung out with a lot of cool people and talked Pathfinder. While I did go there to have fun as a gamer, that was not my only goal. My publisher instincts had other goals in mind.

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Brazer Bulletin — Large Print Runs vs. Reprinting

Earlier this week the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building hit game store shelves. This past Friday, I ordered its first reprint. That’s right, I am reprinting the book before it hit store shelves. That is how fast this book is going. It was the largest print run I had done to date and I was not sure if it would sell out. Now I am wondering if my reprint will be enough.

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Brazer Bulletin — What Makes a License Valuable?

Today I’m looking at what makes a license valuable. I’m not talking paid licenses for settings like The Walking Dead or the Marvel Universe of Superheroes (that is for a different day). Today I’m just looking at free system licenses. D&D 4E, Pathfinder, Traveller, and Savage Worlds just to name a few. What makes some licenses more valuable than others?

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Brazer Bulletin — Two Years Going, What Have I Learned?

This Friday is Jon Brazer Enterprises’ second anniversary. Two years ago we released our first product (a 16-page character sheet for the Traveller RPG). Now here we are, two years later and going strong. It’s times like this that I like to reflect and see where we’ve been and where we are going.

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Brazer Bulletin — Working Ahead

I’m currently in the final stages of getting the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building ready to go to the printer. There is a lot of work involved in that. Getting all the edits in, making sure the artwork looks good on the page, arguing with my editor over one words on the back cover, making sure all the funds to send the printer are in one account and plenty more.

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Brazer Bulletin — What’s With All the Short PDFs?

Good day everyone.  As a publisher the one thing I hear over and over again that customers want is print book, yet more and more PDF books come to market and never become a print book. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, this post is going to attempt to answer that for you.

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