Avacyn Restored Preview — Ghostly Flicker

The upcoming set for Magic: the Gathering tells the last chapter in the story of Innistrad, a plane that seemed doomed to despair as it was overrun by vampires, zombies and werewolves. Now it seems their angel protector, Avacyn, will be released from the Helvault — along with one seriously wicked demon. Our exclusive preview card is a blue instant that with a ghostly effect.

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Classic Games: The Shadowrun Trading Card Game

You’ve probably heard of Shadowrun, the cyberpunk/fantasy RPG created by the now defunct FASA Corporation. What you may not know is that in 1997 FASA also made a Shadowrun Trading Card Game. It didn’t take long to track down a sizable quantity of cards and start hacking, rigging, gunning and ‘running. Continue reading

Dark Ascension Spoiler — Fiend of the Shadows

What kind of fiend is this launching itself out of the night sky to feast upon mortal blood? Duh. It’s a Fiend of the Shadows. She’ll make her appearance in the latest Magic expansion, Dark Ascension, continuing Innistrad’s tale of gothic horror in gruesome new directions. Continue reading

Magic Planechase Coming Back for Summer 2012

Wizards of the Coast announced last week that they’re bringing back Planechase as the multi-player format for this coming summer. It’s easily my favorite summer format since it’s so much fun, blends well with other formats and is easy for new or casual players to grasp. Plus, the new Planechase sets will have some goodies for Commander players, new cards, and a new type of Plane card, the Phenomenon.

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Playing Alone Together: the Perils (and Joys) of Non-Interactive Games

There are solitaire games that you play by yourself, and then there are solitaire games you play with others. Sure, the box says, “For 3-6 players,” but really everyone at the table is playing her own game, developing resources and working toward some goal without directly influencing the other players in any significant way. You might hear them referred to as “group solitaire,” “non-interactive,” or “fishbowl” games. This is considered a classic sign of bad game design, but it’s actually a very interesting and useful concept. Here are some ideas on how to avoid it, how to fix it, and when it works just fine.

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Play Cooperative/Solitaire Magic Against a Horde of Zombies

I’m always looking for new, fun formats that take advantage of our Magic collections and give us more excuses to play. The Horde format, explained by Peter Knudson at QuietSpeculation.com, is an awesome way to use your Commander decks for something other than Commander, works as a solitaire game as well as a cooperative game, and is a perfect excuse to use a ton of the amazing new Innistrad cards.

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Innistrad is Wizards’ Gothic Masterpiece

A brilliant idea for a Magic set doesn’t always become a great set once all the cards are on the table. Innistrad is built around a gothic horror theme that a lot of players (myself included) are huge fans of. Did Wizards match idea with execution, or do we have another Kamigawa on our hands? I won’t keep you in suspense — Innistrad is freaking great.

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