Final Thoughts on My Trip to Wizards of the Coast

I was going to write some kind of coherent narrative encapsulating the entire journey, but quickly realized that was going to be impossible. It was like visiting the sausage factory, but instead of being grossed out, you discovered that sausages are made of rainbows and dipped in elementally pure Awesome, then packaged by elves and sent across the world on the backs of dragons. How could I describe that coherently? So instead, here’s a rambling series of random thoughts about the trip, and sort of a photo essay as well.

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Follow the Community Cup Action on Twitter

While I’ll be posting longer, detailed accounts of the Community Cup action this week, for more up-to-the-minute reports, follow Robot Viking’s Twitter account. Wizards will be posting a list of all the Community Cup Twitter feeds shortly, but I don’t have the url for it yet. Not much action today, as they’re taking us on a tour of Seattle, but tonight we get to try out the new Archenemy casual multi-player format!

Community Cup Limited Formats Announced

I’ve know for a weeks weeks now that the constructed formats for Magic’s 2010 Community Cup would be unified standard and unified commander, but no clue what the limited events would be. Now we know. What kind of crazy sealed or draft events will I be playing?

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Robot Viking Invited to Magic Online Community Cup 2010!

Last year, Wizards held the first Magic: the Gathering Online Community Cup. The event pitted members of the Magic Online Community and Magic media members against a crack team of Wizards employees, with prizes for the MTGO community at large at stake. The Community Team won in 2009, and this year I’ll have a chance to help defend the Cup — Wizards of the Coast invited me to join the Community Team as a media member!

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