HeroClix TabApp Lets You Tap Your Way to Victory

August 28th, 2012 by Ed Grabianowski

The ubiquity of tablets and smartphones has lead to a burst of new releases that try to incorporate tabletop games with apps. NECA’s HeroClix TabApp lets you put a mini on your iPad and defeat supervillains with your flying fingers of DOOM.

HeroClix Returns This Week with Hammer of Thor

November 16th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

It’s been far too long since the days of breathless anticipation and constant page refreshing as we waited for each new preview figure from whatever HeroClix set was upcoming. On November 18, HeroClix will be reborn as Wizkids/NECA releases the first HeroClix set in more than a year.

Classic Games – Marvel SAGA

September 29th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

There are a lot of superhero RPGs out there, many of them quite good, but one that always stood out in my mind for its unique system and fun, fast gameplay was TSR’s SAGA system. Now out of print and rather difficult to acquire, this is a game that has aged well in the last […]

Breaking News: Wizkids Lives Again!

September 14th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

The company that revolutionized tabletop miniatures gaming has been resurrected, according to an official announcement made today. What will the future hold for superheroes, horror monsters and fantasy creatures mounted on clicky bases?

Lots of People Playing Lots of Games

June 27th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

Here we are at Origins, Day Three. Wait, Day Four? I have no idea how long I’ve been here. I do know that I played about a half dozen different games today, plus an entire Magic tournament. If we each get our own personal Heaven, mine includes a perpetual game con.

HeroClix Not Dead Yet

June 2nd, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

Things have been looking grim for HeroClix fans after the deal between Topps and Catalyst games fell through last month, leaving the former Wizkids property languishing. Now, rumors are swirling that the completed-then-shelved Hammer of Thor expansion will be released this summer, and you might be surprised who’ll be putting it out.

The Wandering HeroClix Player

March 26th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

Anyone who has ever entered a tournament or otherwise played a game with strangers has at least one story to tell about a weird, belligerent or utterly bizarre opponent. But have you ever played against a deity?

Mage Knight, HeroClix To Make a Comeback?

March 9th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

The latest collectible miniatures news is that a sale of certain former Wizkids’ properties by Topps is imminent. That there will be new HeroClix sets is fairly certain, but perhaps we will see the return of Mage Knight in 2009 as well.

Dark Days for Collectible Miniatures Gamers?

January 8th, 2009 by Ed Grabianowski

It’s not exactly breaking news that Wizkids has been dissolved by Topps and is no longer selling or supporting their many games, but what will it mean for gamers? The one-time king of the collectible miniatures hill has been wiped right off the map, and there might not be anyone in a position to fill […]