Highlights from the D&D Gen Con Presentation

Let’s start the post-Gen Con reporting with the biggest news from the biggest company in gaming. Saturday morning, Wizards of the Coast devs gave a presentation outlining upcoming releases for D&D all the way into 2011. Gamma World, Ravenloft, rules changes, comic books, novels and more!

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Comparing Cosmologies – the 4E Manual of the Planes Explained

My luggage always gets sent to the Shadowfell.

My luggage always gets sent to the Shadowfell.

Let’s face it, the Dungeons & Dragons cosmology has never really made sense. Each edition brings us another valiant effort to make something coherent out of several decades of uncoordinated shared universe writing. How has the Fourth Edition Manual of the Planes changed things, and how will it affect the market value of your summer home in Gehenna? Continue reading