Building a Vs. System Cube

Cube drafting has become one of the most popular Magic formats ever, with blogs, websites, columns and podcasts entirely devoted to the fine art of the Cube. The Cube format doesn’t have to be limited to Magic: the Gathering – it’s a perfect way to enjoy defunct CCGs, and the Vs. system is a perfect candidate.

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Crisis in Infinite Games – Upper Deck Kills Vs.

The Anti-Monitor hates gaming.

The Anti-Monitor hates gaming.

More grim tidings for comic book loving gamers – superhero collectible card game Vs. has been given the death sentence by Upper Deck. All we can do now is hope that next year, we’ll find out this cancelled Vs. game was really a cosmic entity only pretending to be Vs., while the real Vs. was in suspended animation on the moon. Continue reading