You Had Me at Megadungeon: DungeonaDay Seeks Relaunch.

Take a 27-level dungeon with over 600 encounters, a huge chunk of which was designed by Monte Cook (and the rest by the talented crew of RPG veterans at Super Genius Games), add five related adventures with awesome names like Temple of the Black Goat, lay it all out on a website with extensive links connecting all the various parts of the dungeon, and you’ve got DungeonaDay.

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Kobold Quarterly Conquers the World

Open Design and Kobold Quarterly are trying to conquer the world. Two worlds, really, if you count Wolfgang Baur’s Midgard and Earth. You can help and win some gaming stuff in the process — a lot of of stuff if you happen to spend some time down south. Way down south.

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A Treatise on Active Defenses in RPG Combat

Sometimes you want to do more than just stand around and let your armor take the hits in combat. Can the newest edition of D&D accommodate active defenses? 4E created an elegant mechanic that allowed active defenses to be used easily, and that’s something I don’t want to see lost. Continue reading

Which is Better, Damage Resistance or “+1 or Better To Hit”?

There’s a lot of back and forth on the question of damage resistance and the role of magic weapons in D&D. Many players are opposed to the antiquated +1 or better to hit mechanic. How can the damage rules provide an underlying mechanical skeleton that describes the physics of the game world without bogging the game down with unhittable monsters or unworkable complexity? Continue reading

Pathfinder Beginner Box an Appealing, Accessible Intro

Paizo has packaged the basic rules for the Pathfinder RPG into an easy to use box that comes with everything a D&D newbie needs to play. We took it for a serious test drive to find out how well it introduces game concepts, how fun it is to play and if the introductory adventure works as a tutorial for first time DMs and players.

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Need Some Basic Character Upgrades? Look for Divine Favor

Open Design’s Divine Favor series of Pathfinder supplements serves as a set of player’s option books and optimization guides for paladins, clerics, druids and oracles. They’re fairly straightforward splatbooks with some cool ideas and a few powerful feats and spells that DMs may have to keep an eye on for balance purposes (and if there aren’t a few potentially broken mechanics in your splatbook, you’re doing it wrong anyway).

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Visit a Demon-Haunted Version of Japan in Curse of the Golden Spear

With a compelling Pathfinder adventure called The Gift, Rite Publishing begins an ambitious three-part series called Curse of the Golden Spear. Filled with tales and creatures from Japanese folklore, this campaign carries players to land wracked by angry spirits, where death is never truly the end.

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