What’s Up with Robot Viking?

Robot Viking is no longer an active gaming blog. It was hacked. The hack is fixed. As a result of that, however, the old theme is gone, hence the generic “beach” theme. Hey, robots like the beach too. I’ll fix it up at some point. The old articles and comments will remain intact, however comments are now disabled.

Dark Horse Adapting the Best Conan Story: The Hour of the Dragon

conantopThis weekend at the comic shop, I stumbled across a new Conan series. But not just any Conan series. Dark Horse is adapting the only Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon, over two six-issue runs. I had to check it out. Was it any good? Yeah, it’s really good.

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Alternate Multiplayer Rules for Dungeon Command (and Blood of Gruumsh Review)

Blood of GruumshThis week sees the release of Blood of Gruumsh, the latest expansion for the D&D miniatures battle game Dungeon Command. If you haven’t tried multiplayer Dungeon Command, here are some alternate rules to make your dungeon melees more exciting.

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Interface Zero 2.0 Reboots Savage Worlds Cyberpunk System

Interface-Zero-2-FNL-FRONT-w-logos2With a successful Kickstarter already assured, Gun Metal Games is set to release a second edition of cyberpunk RPG Interface Zero. Built for the Savage Worlds Deluxe system, Interface Zero 2.0 updates and streamlines the rules, adds more gear, and moves the game’s timeline forward two years.

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Games Workshop Defends Questionable Trademark, Incites Internet Holy War


Games Workshop, makers of various 40K miniature and RPG games, has been defending their trademark on the term “space marine,” forcing Amazon to remove an indie author’s book because it had the phrase in the title. The always quick-to-anger Internet people were inflamed. Is GW in the right, or does the mob have a valid grievance?

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The Best Multiplayer Cards in Gatecrash


The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Gatecrash, is officially available this weekend. Which cards from the set will create the most impact in a multiplayer game? If you’re a Commander or Planechase fan, or you play a lot of two-headed giant or Archenemy, you’ll get more mileage out of these cards than in a heads-up duel.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers — Rogue’s Gallery Strategy Guide

rogues galleryWizards has continued to release new deck packs for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, so I’ve decided to start putting together strategy guides for them as they come out. The latest deck pack included a Dimir deck called Rogue’s Gallery. Continue reading