Ed Grabianowski

Freelance Journalist and Researcher

More than 20 years of experience as a freelance writer, primarily as one of the main writers/researchers for the worldwide top 10 Stuff You Should Know podcast (over 3 billion downloads). You may have heard me mentioned on the podcast as “the Grabster,” or just Ed. I’ve covered science, technology, health and environment, politics, sports, pop culture, automotive, gaming, and more.

My career is built on taking complex concepts that I often know nothing about to begin with, talking to experts, reading academic papers, researching primary sources, chasing after stats and facts like a hound dog, and turning it all into an accessible article with narrative drive that explains it all clearly and concisely.

Author and Screenwriter

My fiction has been published in Black Static Magazine, the Chilling Horror Short Stories anthology, and the Geek Love and Scourge of the Seas of Time and Space anthologies. My short horror story “Extraneus Invokat” was optioned for the film rights in 2014, and I was hired to write the adapted screenplay. The project fell short of its funding goals, however. My essay on the storm that hit Buffalo last winter, “Blizzard Song,” will appear in Nightmare Magazine later in 2023.

Musician and Songwriter

I’m a singer, songwriter, lyricist, frontman, mediocre guitarist, and pretty decent drummer. I’m a founding member of Spacelord, whose five-year run included a record deal, vinyl release, countless gigs including two festival appearances, and a body of artistic work I’m deeply proud of.

Being in a band means developing a lot of DIY skills. I wrote all band press releases and coordinated press coverage with media outlets, arranging for podcast appearances, interviews, reviews, and track premiers. I planned and executed shows at several festivals, coordinating with festival organizers regarding backline, stage plots, and other logistical issues. I helped negotiated a record deal and sold thousands of records and merchandise worldwide. I also wrote all of Spacelord’s lyrics and took on art direction duties for album art and promotional materials.

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