Razor Coast: a Tale of Abject Failure and Eventual Redemption

Dark Vistas 1 - Razor CoastAbout three years ago, author Nick Logue made big plans to create his own company (Sinister Adventures) and release products for his Razor Coast setting, one filled with pirates and high adventure. Logue fumbled the ball badly and left a lot of people waiting for unfulfilled pre-orders. Now Lou Agresta is manning the helm to get Razor Coast back on course.

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Burning Horizon Brings Space Combat and More to CthulhuTech

BurningHorizonThe folks behind CthulhuTech have always done one thing very right, and that is flavor. Say what you will of their mechanics, their setting information and fiction is among the top tier of RPGs. More to the point, they recently released another setting book moving their metaplot forward: Burning Horizon. Continue reading

Interview with Pathfinder Online CTO Mark Kalmes

splashThe million dollar Kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder Online is drawing near the end (and just over $300K short as I write this). To help explain Goblinworks’ and Paizo’s grand vision for a sandbox MMORPG world that’s shaped by the players, Goblinworks’ chief technology officer Mark Kalmes answered some of our questions about the game and the development process.

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Playing Magic: the Gathering as an RPG — a Test Run

magic-the-gathering- rpg About a year ago, Robot Viking’s Pillager-In-Chief wrote an article for io9 brainstorming ways for making Magic: the Gathering into an RPG. Unaware of this, the west coast Vikings decided we would try to make a Magic RPG work. We later discovered Ed’s article and we shamelessly stole some things from it, but with some twists of our own.

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Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Casts Edition Aside for Pure Lore

The bell tolls for thee, 4E. A lot of people have wondered what kind of D&D books will be released in 2013 if the D&D Next playtest is going to take two years. Menzoberranzan answers that question — edition-neutral books packed with fluffy lore and epic (p)ages of fictional history. That gives D&D fans a lot to look forward to.

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My Overview of the D&D Keynote and Forgotten Realms Changes, at io9

I was able to attend the D&D keynote address at Gen Con, talk with Mike Mearls about D&D for over an hour and play some D&D Next with him as the DM, and interview brand manager Laura Tommervik about Rise of the Underdark. I’ve gathered up all that info into one feature article that just went up at io9.com. Check it out!

13th Age RPG is a Roiling Broth of Intrigue

On the surface, Pelgrane Press’ 13th Age RPG looks like a slightly tweaked D&D rule set with a world populated by classic fantasy archetypes. You might think, “Why bother?” I did, at first. But then I had a chance to play it at Gen Con, with co-designer Rob Heinsoo as DM. That’s when I discovered there’s a lot more going on with 13th Age than first impressions might suggest.

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Minis or No Minis? Depends What Kinds of Memories You Want to Create

One of the great ongoing RPG debates is “Grid combat with minis” versus “Slightly abstract combat without minis.” It’s particularly interesting right now, with a new edition of D&D in development. There is, of course, no correct answer. But something odd occurred to me this weekend that will forever shade my views on the subject.

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